New cold drinks vending machines can be found at various locations in the campus starting from last week. Enjoy!

Vending machines selling cold drinks have been reinstalled throughout campus in schools, study areas, halls of residence, near lecture theatres and at the Sports Recreational Centre.

Since the removal of these vending machines since Semester 1 of AY 15/16, the Union has been receiving feedback from the Union members. Many of them reflected that it had been inconvenient to get cold drinks without these vending machines.

The Union raised the issue to the Office of Housing and Auxiliary Services(HAS) after receiving feedback on the removal of the vending machines. HAS explained that the call-back of the vending machines was due to the termination of the previous contract. After learning that the process of renewing the contract could take months and even a year, the Union has been requesting to expedite the reinstallation of the vending machines since Semester 2 of AY 15/16.

Last week, the vending machines were finally brought back. The Union is pleased to announce that NTU students will be able to get their cold drinks from the vending machines once again.

26 October, 2016