Ussociates Bonding Day was a day on which members of the Students’ Union gathered to meet up with new members and members from other committees, forging and strengthening the bond within the large SU family.

On Saturday, 15th October 2016, around 150 union committee members got together for an entire day of fun, challenges and tasks, starting early at 8.30 a.m. at Chinese Garden. After a short introduction between members of different groups, some group members livened up the atmosphere through interesting intragroup games with some unique forfeits, such as the famous ‘Seven Wonders’, or running around other groups while singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. Soon, the group members got to know each other more, as they fought high energy and intellectual ‘battles’ at the various stations scattered around Chinese Garden. Each station presented a different challenge, with some requiring physical agility – such as with the modified version of “Dog and Bone”- while others required good interpersonal communication skills and rapport within the team – as with the station calling for modified Pictionary game, where groups had to rely on artistic talent and a good understanding of the other group members. Each station highlighted different skills of the union members, eventually culminating in the resolution of clues given at the different station for the finale. Having had much fun with the station games, group members were tasked with the challenge to piece together the word “Ussociate”, leading up to the launch of the “Ussociate” identity. Ussociate is the abbreviation for Union associate, and will be used to address all of our committee members, be it the EXCO, the UOC Committee, the U-Shop Committee, or other 15 committees under the umbrella of the Union. Being a Ussociate is not just about completing the job scope required for one’s role in the committee but also, as an advocate for students’ welfare and interest, as the representative of students. As Ussociates Bonding Day came to an end, union committees got to know each other better. We will continue building trust and fondness as a family, and working hand in hand together to achieve an “One NTU Community with a Better NTU Experience”!