Clubs and Societies

Constituent Clubs

The Nanyang Technological University Students’ Union (NTUSU) consists of the Academic Constituent Clubs and the Non-Academic Constituent Clubs. These clubs represent the interests of all members through representation by the Presidents of the Constituent Clubs, the Union Representatives of the Constituent Clubs and Vice-Presidents of the Non-Academic Constituent Clubs in the NTUSU Council.

The Academic Constituent Clubs organise regular activities and initiatives to help members in their course of studies and provide feedback to the respective Schools about the academic matters. Furthermore, these Clubs promote student work-life balance by jointly organising other non-academic related activities like the annual Inter-School Games (ISG).

Non-Academic Constituent Clubs focus on non-academic development of the members, such as cultural activities, sports and welfare services. Through these activities, members will be able to experience more well-rounded growth and develop.

These activities will also encourage further interaction between members from different Schools.

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Academic Constituent Club

Accountancy and Business Club
Arts, Design & Media Club
Civil & Environmental Engineering Club
Communication and Information Club
Computer Engineering Club
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Club
Asian School of Environment Club
Humanities and Social Sciences Club
Students’ Medical Society
Material Science and Engineering Club
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Club
Physical and Mathematical Sciences Club
School of Biological Sciences Club
School of Chemical and Biological Engineering Club
Trainee Teachers’ Club

Non-Academic Constituent Club

Cultural Activities Club
Sports Club
Welfare Service Club


Non-Constituent Clubs and Societies

The Non-Constituent Clubs and Societies supplement the secondary objectives of the Constituent Clubs, which are to encourage interaction among members and aid in their non-academic development. There are over 100 such clubs and societies, where members can join based on their interests. These clubs and societies are split into four general categories: Academic, Arts & Cultural, Religious and Special Interest Groups. The Union actively reaches out to these Clubs and Societies for collaboration in order to provide more benefits for members.

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CN Yang Scholars’ Club URECA Club
Renaissance Engineering Club Sports Science & Management Society
ASME Singapore Chapter (NTU Student Section) Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Biomedical Engineering Society
(NTU Student Chapter)
Institution of Engineering and Technology
(NTU Student Section)
Institution of Engineers Singapore
(NTU Students’ Committee)
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
NTU Student Branch)

Arts & Cultural

Chinese Society Visual Arts Society
French Society Nanyang Arts Ensemble
German Society Japanese Appreciation Club
Spanish Society Heritage Club
Sikh Cultural and Literary Society Malay Language and Cultural Society
The Epiphany, English and Drama Society Korean Cultural Society


Buddhist Society
Campus Crusade of Christ
Christian Fellowship
Legion of Mary
Muslim Society
Tabernacle University Fellowship
The Navigators

Special Interest

Aerospace Society Green and Sustainable Technologies Society
ADdiction – NTU Advertising Society Ice Skating Club
AIESEC – NTU Local Committee Investment Interactive Club
Air Rife Club MApps
Anglers’ Club Maritime Business Society
Animal Lovers’ Society Mixed Martial Arts Club
Archery Club Motoring Club
Astronomical Society National Police Cadet Corps
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open Source Society
Cats Management Network Outdoor Adventure Club
Computer Society Photo-Videographic Society
Current Affairs Society Psychology Society
Cyber Games Society Red Cross Youth NTU Chapter
Da Vinci Arts and Engineering Society Riders’ Club
Debating Society Risk Management Society
Deli Aprecio Club Rotaract Club
Earthlink Sociological Society
Economics Society Tamil Literary Society
Enactus (formally known as SIFE) Toastmasters Club
Entrepreneurs Society University Mountaineering Club
Fastforward, NTU Board Games Society University-Y@NTU
Film Society Wine Society
GIP Student Club


Halls of Residence

Many members reside in the Halls of Residences on campus. The welfare and interests of the residents in the halls are represented by the individual hall’s Junior Common Room Committee (JCRC). In addition, the JCRCs organise activities to bond the residents together with the aim of promoting inclusivity and diversity. They also organise joint-hall events on a regular basis, such as Inter-Hall Games (IHG), Joint Hall Bash (JASH) and inter-cluster activities. The Union actively engages the JCRC to aid them in representing the welfare and interests of the members residing in the halls.

You can find out more about the JCRCs by clicking on the links below.

Hall of Residence 1
Hall of Residence 2
Hall of Residence 3
Hall of Residence 4
Hall of Residence 5
Hall of Residence 6
Hall of Residence 7
Hall of Residence 8
Hall of Residence 9
Hall of Residence 10
Hall of Residence 11
Hall of Residence 12
Hall of Residence 13
Hall of Residence 14
Hall of Residence 15
Hall of Residence 16
Crescent Hall
Pioneer Hall


Sports and Recreation​​​​​​​​​​​​

There are over 40 Sports and Games Teams in NTU. They strive to bring glory to the University through the various competitions they represent the University in. Besides the competitive teams that they field, most of them also maintain a recreational team to encourage involvement of members who do not wish to be take part in any competition.

You can find out more about these Teams by clicking the links below.

Martial Arts


Adventure & Water Sports

Mind Games


Racquet Games


Ball Games

Field Sports


Other Sports