#FromUtoU: Tidbits placed around the campus as tiny encouragements for midterms

To welcome students back after the Chinese New Year festivities and as a form of tiny encouragement for the upcoming midterms, the Students’ Union surprised the NTU community with snacks scattered around the study areas and benches on February 15 to 17. There was a wide variety of tidbits, such as cereal bars, potato chips, Pocky, Cheezels and Mamee noodle snack.

Teo Xian Zhong Augustine, a Year-2 Aerospace Engineering student, said he spotted “piles of stuff” on the benches outside the lecture theatres and went to take a closer look out of curiosity. He was surprised to see “free snacks for anyone and everyone to take,” especially so when it included his favourite Pocky snack.

He added that: “The initiative is a great idea that gives a boost to a student’s hectic and stressful day.”

However, he suggested that, perhaps fruits could be given out in the future, as he personally felt that he was “already munching on too much tidbits”.

As for Tee Chin Yue, a third-year student from the School of Computer Engineering, he shared with a grin as to how he munched on the snacks in his classes to stay awake because his timetable was usually packed on Tuesdays. He said he was “happy to know that the SU was sparing a thought for the students”.