Starting from 1 Nov, there will be additional starting and terminal points for Campus Red and Campus Blue lines, on top of the existing starting and terminal point at Chinese Heritage Centre (CHC).

These new starting and ending points were introduced after Union brought up feedback from the Union members to Office of Housing and Auxiliary Service (HAS) and the bus operator, Tong Tar Transportation. Some Union members reflected that the bus would be too crowded to be boarded by the time it reaches their stop. The issue of bus bunching (two or more bus arriving at the same stop at the same time) were also highlighted to the Union.

For the Campus Blue buses, the additional starting point will be at either Hall 11 or the bus stop between Hall 13 and Hall 14 (Hall 13/14), and the new terminal point will be at Hall 13/14. Similarly, the Campus Red buses will also have an additional terminal point at Hall 13/14. But Campus Red buses will start at either Graduate Hall 1 or Hall 13/14.

The internal shuttle buses will be undergoing a major upgrade. According to HAS, all old buses will soon be replaced by the newer model, the targeted completion date is by the end of 2016. The new buses come with wider doors, facilitating easier and safer boarding. All the new buses will still be operated by Tong Tar Transportation, and managed by HAS.

These changes will help ensure that buses are available for boarding at every stop, and that the riding experience is safe and enjoyable. However, in terms of the addition of starting and ending points, only the Campus Blue and Campus Red line will be affected, Campus Rider will remain unchanged.

The new Campus Red and Campus Blue bus lines are as shown below:








(5 November 2016)