Passing the kindness along with goodie bags for those who help keep NTU running

By Jolin Tan

As busy students going through the daily grind, we often rush about campus for our lectures and tutorials. Often, the thought of people who keep the university running smoothly slips our mind.

Yet, if we pause to think, there are many unsung heroes at every nook and cranny of the North Spine and South Spine: The food vendors at our various canteens who keep our stomachs filled, the cleaners who work tirelessly to keep our surroundings spotless, the shuttle bus drivers who give us a ride so we don’t have to walk under the sweltering heat or pouring rain.

On February 24 and 25, students could head down to the benches outside the Lee Kong Chian Lecture Theatre to collect thank you cards and a “resource pack” as a gesture of appreciation for the unnoticed, silent heroes.

Rachel Yeo was one of many who went to collect a goodie bag. She was motivated to do so because, “these people make it possible for us to get the quality education we receive. Without shuttle buses that run smoothly and a clean environment, NTU would be a very different place”.

The Year 2 Sociology student, who usually hangs out at the South Spine, said she eventually shared her tiny gesture with a cleaning lady at The Hive.