Flaunt your NTU pride with latest merchandise offerings

With the various new offerings at the North Spine, NTU students now have another go-to-place for their fix of NTU merchandise.

The U-Shop was started by the NTUSU with the aim of contributing to the Students’ Fund, a bursary for needy students in NTU.

Seniors would remember the humble beginnings of the U-Shop — which until last semester was just a counter at the SAC. However, with the North Spine receiving a new facelift, committee members of the U-Shop saw the opportunity to take their initiative one step further. Not only could the U-Shop be more than just a retail store selling NTU tee shirts, there was the potential for it to be a greater stepping stone in funding students, faculties, clubs and societies in NTU.

Keeping in mind the NTUSU’s motto of Voice, Service and Vibrancy, the U-Shop began developing its own vision statement. Said Ng Yi Xin, Janis, Chairperson of the U-Shop committee: “The U-Shop aims to be the touch point that brings together the various NTU communities that embodies the NTU spirit. Our mission is to provide students, faculty and staff with essential, desired and quality products and services that serves and reflects spirit of the NTU community.”

“This vision will guide U-Shop in its initiatives. We hope to work with the different communities in NTU to achieve this goal.”

Some of the NTU merchandise for sale at the U-Shop includes: Tee shirts (S$15), hoodies (S$27.50), singlets (S$12.50), tote bags (S$12.50) and shoe bags (S$15). NTU students get to enjoy a 20 percent discount on U-Shop designed merchandises.

With feedback from customers, Janis revealed that her committee is in the midst of looking at a wider variety of items for sale, such as notebooks, running shorts, decals, stickers and lanyards. Laptop sleeves and files are also some other university essentials in the pipeline.

The Year-3 Nanyang Business School student added that, although “U-Shop just began its operations and everything is in its infancy … but moving forward, we hope that this aspirational goal will become a reality.”