The Nanyang Technological University Students’ Union (NTUSU) Executive Committee is the executive branch of the Union and is a subset of the Council. The Executive Committee formulates and implements policies, with the aim of enhancing the university experiences of the members, by creating a vibrant campus where members’ voices are heard and needs are met.

The Executive Committee is made up of officers elected as Union Representatives of various constituencies. The office-bearers manage the day-to-day running of the Union.

The Executive Committee is made up of four divisions and led by the President. The four divisions are Business and Corporate Communications Division, Welfare and Student Activities Division, General Secretariat Division and Financial Secretariat Division, which are led by the Vice President (Business and Corporate Communications), Vice President (Welfare and Student Activities), Honorary General Secretary and Honorary Financial Secretary respectively.

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27th Executive Committee

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Vice-President (Business & Corporate Communications)
VICE-PRESIDENT (Welfare and Student Activities)
Honorary General Secretary
Honorary Financial Secretary
Student Engagement Executive
Business Projects Executive
Corporate Liaison Executive
Corporate Communications Executive (Branding)
Corporate Communications Executive (Relations)
Welfare Executive (Student Life)
Welfare Executive (Development)
Orientation Executive
Orientation Associate Executive
Information & Research Executive
Human Resources Executive
Operations Executive
Finance Executive